Our Range

At Hurstead Hardwood Logs we use only a maximum of six hardwood species. These are Ash, Oak, Sycamore, Apple and Cherry. We chose these species as we find compared to other hardwood such as Poplar, Willow and to some extent Horse Chestnut the moisture content is much lower. Willow and Poplar in particular have well over 40% water content even when winter felled.

We like to keep business simple at Hurstead Hardwood Logs. We find that our customers are reassured they are receiving exactly what they require after speaking with us directly. Once you have decided which wood and quantity you require you can either contact us on 07852 193939 or fill in our contact form and we will call you back. If you aren’t sure what you need then we are happy to talk through your requirements with you.

Hurstead Prices

Large Nets – 15kgs of Seasoned Hardwood – £6 per net

Bulk Bags (850x850x850) of mixed Seasoned Hardwood – £70 per bag

Super dry nets of kindling – £3.50 per net

Hurstead Just Range

For the more discerning user we have our ‘Just’ range. These are available in our bulk bags and solely contain ‘Just’ that species.

Single species from our Just Range available in our 850x850x850 Bulk Bags:

Just Sycamore – £75

Just Oak – £75

Just Beech – £75

Just Ash – £85

From time to time we also have Applewood and Cherry wood in stock.

We also offer various tipped bulk loads, please contact us for a quote.

Log Stores

For the perfect place to store your wood we can build you a bespoke Log Store. As these are bespoke items built to suit your needs prices vary. Please contact us for a quote.

Delivery Charges

Delivery is free within a 5 mile radius of Baxenden and for loads of 3 bulk bags or more free within Lancashire. Outside this area and for smaller loads there is a small charge depending on your requirement, please contact us for a quote.

ASH: (Fraxinus excelsior)

Ash is the third most common tree in Britain. Ash timber is used for handles for tools, oars, furniture and most famously cartwheels and the framework for the Morris 1000 Traveller. It is known as the queen of firewood. It burns bright, clean and for a long period of time. It is said you can burn it when green as when newly felled it has a moisture content of around 30%. We wouldn’t recommend this though, we like to make sure all our wood is seasoned first.

OAK:(Quercus Robur)

The English Oak is arguably the best known and most
common species in the UK. Robur in Latin means strength, so this gives an
indication as to its uses. Oak was primarily used in the construction of ships and
buildings. Its bark was used for tanning leather and its acorns were
used to produce a flour.  The burning qualities of oak, as you can imagine from
a heavy, dense tight grained wood will be long, slow and hot. Oak doesn’t produce as roaring a flame as you will find with lighter woods. This wood is better burnt
with another such as Sycamore.

BEECH:(Fagus Sylvatica)

Beech wood is the furniture maker’s choice, as it
has a beautiful tight grain and a crisp sharp colour. Its shavings
were used traditionally in smokehouses for smoking herring and beechmast
for feeding pigs. Beech, in Hurstead Hardwood Logs opinion, when seasoned
correctly is more than a match for Ash. It has a strong bright glowing
flame, producing excellent heat and a longevity of heat.

SYCAMORE: (Acer Pseudoplatanus)

Used throughout homes in the kitchen for items such as
wooden utensils, love spoons, butchers blocks and most famously for us
Lancastrians, shuttles for our looms. One of the lighter of the
hardwoods it gives an excellent clear flame, great to mix in with heavy
Oak to keep the home fires burning.